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I'm a SAHM of 6 wonderful children and married to my best friend(aka best hubby ever), we live in a small town in Maine.


Family comes first for me, DH and the kiddos are top priority, but I do need my time to myself to regenerate. When it comes to just "me", I'm still searching for my true passion, and trust me, I've been looking. Seems like once I master a craft, I lose interest and move on. But I do have the staples that I enjoy, sewing(all sorts from clothes to curtains), rug hooking, crocheting, and woodworking. I also love to decorate and redecorate my home(DH says it is a neverending project, which is true!). I am also an avid antiquer/junker, I love to go to thrift stores, yardsales, and free by the side of the road. A coat of paint(especially black) can transform even the ugliest thing into a treasure. For the past 2 years I have been diligent about not buying things made in China(which almost anything new is). I want my house to be full of handmade(buy those who choose and love doing what they do) or antique items. It has been a real breath of fresh air living by this rule because I'm no longer tempted by all the new crap at Target or Pottery Barn. I don't want a home full of things that a million other people have. Ok, enough about that. Hope you enjoy my blog and let me know if I can make any improvements.


from furniture to kitchen gadgets. love vintage textiles too...hankies to curtains. crafty would best describe me, anything old... antiques of all sort, i'm a perfectionist too, i hate half a** so i try to do my best. the computer would also be another interest, i think my dh regrets the day he got me going on the internet;)